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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Can the Public Domain Ever Be "Used Up"?

When discussing public domain, people often ask:

The public domain is limited. Even if it will never be ‘used up’, it’s going to be used more and more compared to what will be added to it in the next few years. What will happen
then? Will the public domain become useless?

First off, there is literally so much contained within the Public Domain already that so many of the regular people don’t know about, that there is no chance of the public domain
‘running out’ of options in the foreseeable future.  And then, of course, more work is being added to the public domain every day.

This is another area where people are often ignorant, or just don’t make the effort to think hard (no offense, it’s a big problem with the world today).

When most Internet Marketers talk about the public domain, they only talk about books
and recipes and self-improvement courses. Now, this is either because they don’t know
better, or they’re not telling you everything.  In both cases, they are doing you a huge

The future of Public Domain is in its diversity. With government publications on
environmental issues, public health issues, and many more subjects of relevant interest
being placed in the public domain every year, this is just ONE of the sources of public
domain that you can use to generate a stable income stream.

But there are literally THOUSANDS of sources of public domain.  You’ll find music,
software, art, movies, and more.  Most importantly, the public domain is full of ideas! 
Many of those ideas can help you in your business.

How does this help you?

There is more than one way of profiting from a market. For now, remember this:

The Public Domain is far wider, and far deeper an ocean than you think (and the Internet
Marketing gurus would have you believe).

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